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System 2 Copper Blades Attracting Dodgers

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Mid-size SYSTEM 2 Dodgers are designed for use in waters in mid-season when cooler water is in 25-70+ feet of the water column. At these depths Kokanee tend to be selective but are becoming more reactive, making these color choices and dodger size both critical and effective. Note: Depth is determined by the fish. For example, it may be late June, but it may also be ice-out in the North, but the fish may be at 70 feet in the South. Use of a quality color fish finder is key, as well as using a device that can accurately measure temperature at depth such as those manufactured by FishHawk Electronics.

Why copper?

Copper also has unique properties in the water. As you go down the water column, the yellow and orange component in copper is filtered out (absorbed by the water), darkening the copper dodger blade and copper components. This has a wonderful increase in visibility for copper against the water surrounding it. Copper dodgers should be presented at increased speeds because you will use them to provoke a bite when regular nickel presentations seem to be ineffective. The larger and ribbed copper spinner will add increased vibrations to your presentation. visible, pounding, and efficient. Kokanee are especially fond of copper. A couple of these dodgers could save the day, if not even make the day.

Always use a lure that matches the color scheme of the dodger leading it. Kokanee will first key in on the dodger (attraction). The dodger color scheme imprints the Kokanee with a particular color sequence, which is best duplicated in the lure (provoking a strike). See Match The Dodger To The Correct Lure Chart to order the correct lures.

System 2 Dodger Copper King Blue

#1002 System 2 Copper King Blue: Textured hot blue UV pads – both sides. Over-sized copper ribbed spinner up front is pivoted on two hot orange UV beads. This setup has landed Kokanee over 9# at Wallowa Lake, and have at times shortened my fishing excursions to less than an half an hour when the Kokanee pound it.

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System 2 Dodger Copper King Emerald Green

#1004 System 2 Copper King Emerald Green: Holographic UV Green pads – both sides. Up front over-sized ribbed copper spinner pivoting on metallic green beads. A real workhorse.

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System 2 Dodger Copper King Pink

#1001 System 2 Copper King Pink: Holographic UV pink pads – both sides. Up front over-sized ribbed copper spinner, pivoting on UV pink beads.

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System 2 Dodger Copper King Diamond Thunder Pink

#1003 System 2 Copper King Diamond Thunder® Pink: Shorter blade length of 3.8”. Total length with beads and spinner: 6”. Copper plated and lacquered offset recurve blade. It has a built-in RATTLE that is a real attention getter. Ultralight, and excellent for reluctant kokes to 60 feet+, and trout at all depths. Fluorescent UV hot pink beads up front. Hex pattern on spinner and blade. Hammered copper spinner.

Qty @ $8.99