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Spinner Bugs For Kokanee And Trout

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Fish With Gary™ Tackle Co. is proud to associate with GVF Lures to present this fantastic collection of spinner bugs. These spinner bugs are handmade, one at a time, and designed to match the color and contrasts of Fish With Gary Tackle Dodgers.

Please read Use Lures that Match the Dodger - explained if you have not yet done so.

Please also refer to the Match Dodger/Lure Chart so that you can select the correct matching lures for your dodgers.

These spinner bugs have been carefully designed and crafted by Rich Bernoudy. Rich has worked many productive years designing fishing lures that consistently produce reliable and aggressive takedowns.

Rich and I met many years ago as he was starting his company and I had a few years under my belt with my company. We soon discovered that our ideas for presentation strategies, color combinations, size and contrast were very similar. We both adhered to the never ending search for even better components in our crafts. Over the years that passion has resulted in the finest tackle available.

Technical Information:

Each spinner bug is created on a base of tandem tied #4 Eagle Claw Laser hooks using 10# test Trilene. The front of the spinner bug is a #1 Colorado blade. Front side on the blade are proper accents of true fluorescent colors (often referred to as "UV" colors) on a base of extended quality glow. Backside on the spinner blade is extended quality glow. The Colorado blade gives excellent action. This is followed by a bead acting as the pivot point to keep the blade spinning properly.

The body is custom formed by Rich which has a unique action when pulled through the water. Each bug body uses fluorescent colors and glow accents to create the desired contrast, and a highly visible eye on each side of the bug to enhance the bug look. The result is the head, eyes, thorax and abdomen of a realistic bug. Between the tandem hooks is a smaller "body" reflecting the same colors and contrasts as the main body. What is unique about this second smaller body is that it wonderfully imitates a trailing nymphal case that the bug has not shed completely before it emerged. Fly fishermen have been using this type of imitation for years with the especially effective "wiggle nymphs" patterns. This little extra trailing body imitates the emerger insect that is having difficulty. It has been estimated that for trout at least, the struggling bug constitutes 90% of their diet.

As it turns out, kokanee have their biting response quickly turned on by the same imitation.

The use of true fluorescent (aka "UV") colors ensures that there will be no color fade at target depth. What you see in your hand will be the same color at depth. Glows are activated by ordinary sunlight for just a few minutes.


The Lineup: 

Black and White Kokanee/Trout Bug


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#651 Black & White Spinner Bug for Kokanee and Trout

Hot Blue Kokanee/Trout Bug


Qty @ $3.75


#652 Hot Blue Spinner Bug

Hot Chartreuse Kokanee/Trout Bug


Qty @ $3.75


#653 Hot Chartreuse Spinner Bug for Kokanee and Trout

Hot Green Kokanee/Trout Bug


Qty @ $3.75


#654 Hot Green Spinner Bug

Hot Orange Kokanee/Trout Bug


Qty @ $3.75


#655 Hot Orange Spinner Bug for Kokanee and Trout

Hot Pink Kokanee/Trout Bug


Qty @ $3.75


#656 Hot Pink Spinner Bug

Purple Hatchling Kokanee/Trout Bug


Qty @ $3.75


#657 Purple Hatchling Spinner Bug for Kokanee and Trout

Watermelon Kokanee/Trout Bug


Qty @ $3.75


#658 Watermelon Spinner Bug

White Glow Kokanee/Trout Bug


Qty @ $3.75


#659 White Glow Spinner Bug

Orange Tiger Kokanee/Trout Bug


Qty @ $3.75


#660 Orange Tiger Spinner Bug

Royal Tiger Kokanee/Trout Bug


Qty @ $3.75


#661 Royal Tiger Spinner Bug

Pink Tiger Kokanee/Trout Bug


Qty @ $3.75


#662 Pink Tiger Spinner Bug