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Super Squids/Hootchies Kokanee Lure

Matching Lures For your Dodgers

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Please read Use Lures That Match The Dodger - Explained if you have not yet done so. Please also refer to the Dodger - Lure Matching Chart, so that you can select the correct matching lures for your dodgers.

We are pleased to offer this NEXT GENERATION of incredible Super Squids. Often referred to as "hoochies," these squids are simply the very finest in color, texture and effectiveness.

Each Super Squid is tied with tandem Gamakatsu Octopus Size #4 hooks on 12# test. A hammered Colorado spinner blade provides consistent action at presentation speeds. Beads give the spinner the correct distance from the squid so as to not get hung up.

The squid body is intense fluorescent ("UV") for highest visibility.

Our Super Squids/Hootchies kokanee lure body is 1.5 to 1.75 inches long, which we feel is the ideal size for targeting kokanee and trout.

Presentation: The Super Squid is pre-tied to the correct leader length. This closeness allows the movement of the dodger to be transferred to the Super Squid. The farther away the squid is from the dodger, the less action for the trailing Super Squid.

Presentation: Adding scent is very important, but please do not use corn !!. Best scent: dip entire lure in liquid scent and shake off the excess or smear some super gel on the outside of the squid body. A little of the super gel is way more effective than a whole bunch of corn no matter how long marinated. If corn is used, put on leading hook only to prevent “short bite.” Corn detracts from the lure’s action.

As always, it is best to be consistent with your color scheme, matching the lure to the colors of the dodger.


Orange/White Super Squid

#901 Orange/White Super Squid: Great bright orange and white contrasts. Use with any dodger with orange tones.

Qty @ $3.75

Pink/Purple/Blue/White Super Squid

#902 Pink/Purple/Blue/White Super Squid: What an awesome combination of great colors. Use with any dodger with these colors, and is also well suited for my System 2 FWG White Lightning Dodger.

Qty @ $3.75

903 Light UV Pink Super Squid

#903 Light UV Pink Super Squid: Our field research has shown that while pink may be the "color of the day/hour" all pink is not alike. We offer this Light UV Pink Super Squid as an important addition to your kokanee arsenal because it provides a significant color shift from Hot Pink. It is often the shade of pink the kokes are tuned into.

Qty @ $3.75

Natural Glow Super Squid

#904 Natural Glow Super Squids/Hootchies Kokanee Lure: No kokanee fisherperson should ever get out on the water without a selection of good quality glow tackle. This Super Squid is a necessary addition (insurance) to increase the chances for an excellent day on the water.

Qty @ $3.75

Gala Green Super Squid

#905 Gala Green Super Squid: NEW This ultra-bright Super Squid boasts a duality of “UV” green and hot lime. Green is one of those "mandatory" colors.

Qty @ $3.75

Hot Pink Super Squid

#906 Hot Pink Super Squid: And hot pink it is!! A few sparkles were added for good measure. Remember, carry two shades of pink - see PN 903.

Qty @ $3.75

White/Black Bars Super Squid

#907 White/Black Bars Super Squid: White is an excellent color in the water because it provides great contrast and shape visibility and stays bright throughout the water column. The set of black bars increases that visibility. An excellent companion to the Mini-Darth and Darth Raider Dodgers.

Qty @ $3.75

Watermelon Super Squid

#908 Watermelon Super Squids/Hootchies Kokanee Lure: Watermelon has long been a favorite color combination, combining pink and green in excellent contrast. All the good things of each color in one Super Squid.

Qty @ $3.75

Blue/Silver Super Squid

#909 Blue/Silver Super Squid: This excellent squid combines high UV Blue with silver sparkle. Use with blue attracting dodgers, or behind the FWG nickel mini-flashers without the dodger for finicky fish. Also great on trout.

Qty @ $3.75

Chartreuse Super Squid


#910 Chartreuse Super Squid: Chartreuse Super Squid: Chartreuse yellow. Use with any dodger with chartreuse tones. Chartreuse is a great stimulator for late afternoon bites.

Qty @ $3.75

Sunrise Super Squid

#911 Sunrise!! Super Squids/Hootchies Kokanee Lure: This is a bold combination of orange and chartreuse. Excellent for use with dodgers of these colors, especially the Fish With Gary System 2 Daphnia Dodger.

Qty @ $3.75

UV White Super Squid

#912 UV White Super Squid: This fluorescent white squid will not fade at depth, producing high visibility and contrast with the water. Use with any white or glow dodger.

Qty @ $3.75

Black/white Super Squid

#913 Black/white Super Squid: This awesome squid uses UV white in vertical contrast to the black. Some sparkle adds to the appeal. Excellent on kokanee and trout alike. Use with dodgers with black colors, or behind the FWG nickel mini-flashers.

Qty @ $3.75

Hot Green Super Squid

#914 Hot Green Super Squids/Hootchies Kokanee Lure: The best combination of bright UV green, a bit of sparkle, and a neat dark laser burn for added contrast. Use with all green dodgers and especially with the Fish with Gary System 2 Ultra Dawna's Dream dodger.

Qty @ $3.75

Fireball Super Squid

#915 Fireball Super Squid: NEW TThis Super Squid is an explosion of bright flame red-orange fluorescent ("UV") color. It makes a real statement that means business in the water.

Qty @ $3.75

Black Sparkle Super Squid

#916 Black Sparkle Super Squid: This black super squid is pounded with sparkle. Yes, it has the appearance of a black widow, and yes, it is deadly. Use with black themed dodgers or as a stand-alone behind a set of FWG nickel mini-flashers.

Qty @ $3.75

Black Sparkle Super Squid

#917 Hot Orange Super Squid: Bright natural orange. Use with any dodger with orange tones.

Qty @ $3.75

UV Grape Super Squid

#918 UV Grape Super Squid: Underwater, this special squid turns a purple-pink color. A perfect match for the FWG purple setups and as an alternative pink. Great all the way down the water column.

Qty @ $3.75

Silver Sparkle Super Squid

#919 Silver Sparkle Super Squid: NEW Takes on the appearance of a small minnow. Yes, trout take this but so do kokanee.

Qty @ $3.75