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Kokanee Krill Lure

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Krill is a high priority favorite with sockeye salmon. Although Sockeye are primarily ocean going and kokanee are fresh water, they are the same species. The photos show these wonderful taste treats in the wild.

Our FWG Kokanee Krill Lures imitate the perfect size and shape with the perfect action. The colors are true fluorescent (“UV”) for highest visibility. The glow version is from extended glow materials. This makes for a realistic presentation because in nature Krill have a fluorescent exoskeleton that reacts visibly to light. The hammered spinner gives off vibrations that imitates a live krill. As these kokanee krill are trolled through the water, their shape, beads, and the dimpled Colorado spinners set in motion a specific sound profile. It is the sound generated by the attracting dodger and closely trailing lure that is the first attractant drawing in your target fish. This is commonly referred to as “far field” attraction.


When scent is applied to the lure, that scent trails the lure as it is trolled. Over distance the scent is faint and thought of as parts per billion. But even in such dilution our kokanee can be attracted to it. The idea is that we want our kokanee to be drawn in. As the fish gets closer to the lure, the scent trail becomes stronger. You want your scent to be as strong as possible.

Not all scents are bite attractants. Both the human scent and tobacco repel. I strongly recommend rubbing some liquid scent such as those made by Pro-Cure and Mike’s on your hands and rub it in before placing your tackle in the water. My favorite is Anise Plus.

What remains the great mystery is why certain scents work very well one day and not the next. This means be careful with your tackle to not cross contaminate scents on your lures. After use place your lure in a little Ziplock to keep from cross contamination of your other lures. This is particularly true if you are going to change scents.

I know it is a time-honored tradition to add scent to your corn. Scent added to corn can never be as effective as just applying the scent directly to the lure.

We recommend using a liquid or gel scent on the body of the krill and leave the hooks bare. Using corn weighs down the lure and hinders its action and life-like presentation. When combined with an infusion of scent, the combination of visibility, scent and vibration is deadly.

Our Kokanee Krill Lures are pre-tied to the correct leader length, using 12 # test. No more losing parts of the lure or trying to measure and tie things up on a cold morning. And we use tandem #4 Gamakatsu Octopus hooks – the very best.

Chartreuse Kokanee Krill Lure

#801 Kokanee Krill Lure Chartreuse:

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Kokanee Krill Lure Glow

#803 Kokanee Krill Lure Glow:

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Kokanee Krill Lure Hot Green

#805 Kokanee Krill Lure Hot Green:

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Kokanee Krill Lure Hot Orange

#807 Kokanee Krill Lure Hot Orange:

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Kokanee Krill Lure Hot Pink

#809 Kokanee Krill Lure Hot Pink® Pink .

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