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Our 19th Year!

Welcome to the Fish With Gary™ Tackle Company. We manufacture the next generation of ultralight dodgers and matching lures for all of your Kokanee, trout, and landlocked salmon trolling needs. If you have visited here before, you will notice that this site is now very much updated, and contains a host of new information, as well as all of our new generation products.

Considerable scientific research and practical testing have resulted in tackle that solves your issues of color shift at depth, contrast, vibration, attraction and size. Using the correct Fish With Gary™ Dodger and color matched Lure will truly let you "own the water column."



A good day at Wickiup Reservoir, Oregon

A good day at Wickiup Reservoir, Oregon





Fish With Gary™ Attracting Dodgers And Matching Lures

Dodgers are the work horses of Kokanee and trout fishing. All Fish with Gary™ Dodgers are highly efficient attracting machines that combine three forms of proper vibration with proper color and contrast. Only the very best high visibility fluorescent (“UV”) colors and quality, extended glows are used. Fluorescent colors do not fade at depth, provided some light is available. Glows provide their own light regardless of depth. The effectiveness of these dodgers is superior to any other dodgers on the market.

Buster Tegge at Green Peter Reservoir, Oregon
Buster Tegge at Green Peter Reservoir, Oregon

Each dodger attractor incorporates FWG 360° Technology - dodger colors are on both sides of the dodger, and all spinners have the same color or theme on both sides. No matter which side of your presentation the Kokanee or trout are, they will easily key in on your color scheme, because it is the same looking forward, backward, up, down and sideways. All FWG Dodgers have a high intensity glow eye on each side placed on the dodger’s on the leading edge.

Only the finest of attaching hardware is used. Dual crane swivels keep the dodger true, and a coastlock snap swivel will not wear out, so you can attach your lures easily and with confidence. These dodgers and lures are made and assembled by me, Gary S. Gordon, one at a time. No outsourcing here.

Increase your fishing effectiveness by using attracting dodgers and matching lures. FWG matching lures are made with the same highest quality materials FWG Tackle is known for.

Presentation strategy is simple. No "pop gear." First, select an attracting dodger. Second, select a matching lure. Third, get some scent on the lure. You are now ready to fish. Even if you do not have (or use) a downrigger, you can still effectively fish this setup. Presentation strategy will be discussed in detail in another section.